What is a
Thoughtful Revolution?

To achieve success in the information era, brand reinvention is no longer an artistic luxury, but a vital skill. You must be able to hone your message and bring it to market, when the market wants it, with innovation, beauty and reliability.

We believe in four principles of successfully bringing a brand to market. These are the core values that not only drive every project, but guide us as individuals and a company.


These values are not one-time events; it is an ongoing process. Craftsmanship takes place while the next round of timing is considered. It is a wheel. It is this thoughtful revolution which causes successful brands to endure. We are passionate about this process and...

We are passionate about making you a thoughtful revolutionary.

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Thoughtful Revolution is a full service brand development firm based in Austin, Chicago, and Ft. Lauderdale.


First impressions mean a lot. We design logos that will strike immediate fancy for your brand.


Brilliant design is the one thousand words your brand can speak in a mere moment. We do this using web, mobile and print media.


When code is smooth like a gentleman, its dance partner, design, steals the show. We deal in such poetry for websites, apps, and plugins.


Content should be engaging as well as informative and on topic. When we write copy for the web, people read it, share it, and care. And so do the search engines.


We customize strategic community building plans for your industry that will kick your brand into exponential growth.


We'll meet to brainstorm, or come speak to your group about market strategies. We offer technical training, social media education, and new technology info sessions.

In addition to our standard services, we offer tailored services for authors, bloggers, and writers of all types through our brand Author Launch. We offer specialty solutions for ecommerce stores through our brand Cart Launch.

Christy McFerren

About Christy

Christy is the Designer/President of Thoughtful Revolution. She's been designing for the web and print media since 1999, constantly freelancing while also working in a wide variety of design positions in the industry ranging from companies who focus on ministry websites to highly technical shopping cart design to Tech Director for an Austin-based marketing agency focused on authors. She has a passion for elegant design and thoughtful messaging that brings positive change to culture. Christy is also the Digital Director and a Featured Content Writer at Prodigal Magazine and the Founder/Designer of Author Launch. Christy brings this wide range of experience into focus as she leads the team in producing excellence at Thoughtful Revolution. She and her husband Dan live in Austin, TX, with their big black lab, Jade.


Dan McFerren

About Dan

Dan is a coder, plugin, app and software developer for Thoughtful Revolution. Dan served in the U.S. Navy for six years as an IT. Upon completing his service, (after marrying Christy), he took a full time job as the head of EHR at a medical software company, handling large scale hospital implementations on projects budgeted in the millions. Dan has a passion for making things just work, and for doing it with clear, scalable precision. Full of creativity and drive that exceeds the realm of code and medical software, Dan is building a software gaming company and makes time for hitting up the community game store in Austin for a weekly round of Pathfinder.


Bethany Suckrow

About Bethany

Bethany is the web content writer for Thougthful Revolution. Full-time writer by day, artist and blogger by night, Bethany Suckrow authors the blog She Writes and Rights, where she shares both prose and poetry related to life, faith, storytelling and creativity. Her greatest passions are Grace, words, and a good cup of coffee. She and her musician husband Matt live in the Chicago suburbs.



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